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We Are Love

No doubt, we live in a world where ‘love’ as a ‘verb’ has become an uphill task, especially in this era where one wakes up every morning with new goals on how to survive and even thrive in a seemingly dilapidating economy.


To this end, the days where we show those pure and selfless love, care and support for one another seems to be swiftly fading away. These days we hear of stories, new plans, and strategies of various inhumane means to make money.

Indeed, it’s so sad that even when we are on the right lane of making ends meet,  we tend to get so carried away that we barely even have time to show little care and support those around us may need.

Sometimes, our jobs and various occupations leave us with little or no time to care for even ourselves as individuals, our families and friends and this may be a strong clue to the high rate of suicide cases we hear today.

We love @ HAI

Let’s not forget that the love, care, and support here goes beyond finances.

It’s high time we realized that sometimes,  the thought of being loved, remembered and cared for, is enough to keep a person going (emotionally and beyond).

Sometimes, all it may require is our time, energy or just a few words of love to a person.


In such a busy world as this,  the less privileged orphans, disabled and neglected aged in our local communities have become the very victims of this time and season.

This is why at Help Alive International, we don’t just spread the love message, we are love personified in all our activities, bringing the hope of these persons to life,  with our well-structured and organized programs to meet their most pressing needs, which may entail financial needs, mental capacity building, social and emotional needs.

Reaching out beyond all odds, with our ever-selfless volunteers from around the globe.

Sure!  It could not be less fulfilling to be a source of joy and laughter to someone. And yes!  You too can become a part of us, as we are always open to new volunteers and supporters of this love mandate.


Hurry now and join the movement!  In making the world, a better place for someone out there, through your deliberate acts of kindness.

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